The title has been reworded from a conversation that Dayanita Singh had
remembered. She (Singh,
2017) had found it impossible to show her book as a work in a museum or
exhibition or collection as in their own words, ‘a book is a book and an exhibition is an exhibition’.

(Singh, 2017) The
book supposedly went no further than the exhibition catalog(ue).    (62)

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Sent a Letter (2008) could be considered as a response of such. To
her friends that she travelled with she had made two books. She would send one
to them and the other to herself. To the publisher Gerhard Steidl, (Hudson, 2013) she made
him a book when the two travelled to Kolkata that interested him enough to want
to publish a collection of her books.    (66)


He had published seven of her books. Six of them were from places she
had travelled with friends. Her
last book, Nony Singh, was named after
her mother. It wasn’t
clear where the book started and finished. It was just an image to a page.

There were no names or dates to make one follow the book in a linear sequence. The
books are kept in a box that itself opens’ out to reveal a message on each
side;    (79)


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