The World’s Oldest Alphabet

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The World’s Oldest Alphabet

By Jared Laskey

The quest to discover the world’s oldest alphabet has been taking place for the last 150 years. A groundbreaking new book set to be released by Carta Publishing on February 28, 2017 has already sent shockwaves through the scholarly community. In The World’s Oldest Alphabet, archaeologist and epigrapher Dr. Douglas Petrovich states that Hebrew is the world’s oldest alphabet (Carta Publishing).

Dr. Petrovich, “stumbled across the word, ‘Hebrews’ in a text,” dated 1874 BCE at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and then he pursued further studies of 18 stone slabs of Egyptian hieroglyphics ( American Society of Oriental Research, page 105). Following his study of the inscribed Egyptian stone slabs, on November 17, 2016 at the annual meeting of the American School for Oriental Research held in San Antonio, Texas, he asserted that the writings are an early form of Hebrew. Breaking Israel News said, “He believes that the stones recall the Bible’s descriptions about the Israelites living in Egypt and concludes that they transformed Egyptian hieroglyphics into Hebrew more than 3,800 years ago.” (Breaking Israel News article).

Dr. Petrovich proposes the Hebrews developed a 22-letter alphabet from the symbols of Egyptian hieroglyphics in-order to better communicate with other Israelites during their captivity in Egypt from 1876 to 1442 BCE. Petrovich is said to be the first to successfully complete this alphabet in recent times calling it, “Hebrew 1.0.” Using this alphabet he translated 16 inscriptions from four sites in Egypt and the Sinai, finding references to biblical figures such as Joseph’s wife Asenath (Genesis 41:45, 50-52), and Ahisamach (Exodus 31:6, 35:34, 38:23).

He also translated an inscription about Moses which dates to 1447-1446 BCE. In a Fox News article, he said, “I absolutely was surprised to find [the reference to] Moses, because he resided in Egypt for less than a year at the time of his provoking of astonishment there…In fact, the Hebrew letters ‘M-Sh’ could have other meanings, and I had to examine every other possibility for those uses of Hebrew words with those letters. Only after realizing that every other possibility had to be eliminated, whether due to contextual or grammatical limitations, was I forced to admit that this word must be taken as a proper noun, and almost undoubtedly refers to the Moses who is credited with writing the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, known as the Torah.”  (Fox News article )

If Hebrew is the world’s oldest alphabet deriving from Egyptian hieroglyphics, then it confirms the biblical record of the Israelite captivity in Egypt which is contested in scholarly circles. Petrovich said, “My discoveries are so controversial because, if correct, they will rewrite the history books and undermine much of the assumptions and misconceptions about the ancient Hebrew people and the Bible that have become commonly accepted in the scholarly world and taught as factual in the world’s leading universities.” He concludes saying, “I have no doubt whatsoever that Hebrew is the world’s oldest alphabet.”


Jared Laskey is starting Destiny Open Bible Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is a Master of Divinity candidate at Regent University with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry from Shepherds Theological Seminary in Cary, NC (2016) and a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Studies from Eugene Bible College, OR (2003). He is a contributing writer to Charisma Media Online and Message of the Open Bible Magazine. He lives to see Jesus awaken this generation to the power of His Holy Spirit. You can follow him on Twitter @jaredalaskey, or contact him through his website,