Spirit Power

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Hey whats up? I am Jared Laskey of firebornministries.com
Do you need power and supernatural strength to make it through the day? Do you need a deep residing calm within you, and an empowerment to be a better person toward your family and friends?
In the bible, in the Book of Acts, chapter 1 verse 8 says, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit falls upon you.”
This promise was given to the followers of Jesus which gave them boldness to tell the message of hope in Jesus to everyone around them, no matter what the odds were against them. They had a defining moment in their lives with Holy Spirit who filled them up, empowering them to be great witnesses, having loyalty to the royalty of King Jesus.

The same is for you today, if you have committed your life to Jesus you will have a defining moment and receive the Holy Spirit and His power to live life and be a great person telling the true story of Jesus to others.
Right now, wherever you are at and no matter what you may be doing, ask Holy Spirit to fill you up, then allow His Spirit to wash over you from head to toe, giving you His incredible power and love. Ask Him to fill you and fall on you, giving you peace and power to help others.