The Impossible Made Possible

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The Impossible Made Possible

February 7, 2017

I was having a conversation this last Monday with the owner of Current FM which airs my radio program in Virginia Beach. We were reflecting on the Super Bowl and other recent events such as President Trump’s election, and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. And as we continued talking we saw a theme woven throughout each of these topics that encouraged us.

The Chicago Cubs hadn’t been to the World Series since their loss in 1945. They hadn’t won the World Series for 108 years and fans referred to the years with no championship win as a curse (due to the infamous incident when a goat was not allowed in to the Series when they played in 1945). But they persevered, loyally supporting the franchise every year. And this last November, when it seemed impossible, the impossible became possible.

In our conversation when discussing the election we saw how when the media and the latest poll is released saying a candidate wouldn’t win, the impossible became possible. The mudslinging on every side of the political isle got to the point where some people didn’t want to check social media because of political posts and inconsiderate opinions or watch TV due to negative advertisements. There was one political ad that was so horrible when it came on I shut the TV off because I wanted to protect my kids from the slander.

There were strong opinions on every side during the campaign, with people showing their animosity blatantly, and friendships were hurting over Facebook posts. It seemed like everyone wanted to be heard yet were frustrated how polarized the election got. Although there were disgusting accusations on every side, Trump weathered the storm and pressed on. His election severely deflated the reputation of the leading poll companies, and made people question every news agency and for some of us to take another look at political and biblical issues. Against insurmountable odds and the opinions of ‘professionals’, what was impossible became possible and is now reality.

When we were talking about the Super Bowl we knew that it was phenomenal this year. Just when it seemed like the game was over, it changed dramatically. It will probably go down in the history books as the greatest Super Bowl ever played. Looking back, Tom Brady was not a Heisman Trophy winner nor was he the coveted first draft pick. But he was the 199th draft pick in the sixth round of the NFL in the year 2000. Despite this, his faithfulness to practice and train, through discipline and loyalty, facing overwhelming pressure and walking through controversy and against the odds he was transformed into being the “greatest quarterback of the NFL,” with 7 Super Bowl appearances, 5 of which his team won. The impossible surely is possible.

I think that God shows no favoritism between teams as He shows no favoritism over one people group over another (Romans 2:11). Acts 10 recounts the true story of Cornelius and his Gentile household receiving the outpouring of the Spirit. The Apostle Peter said, “Truthfully, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. But in every nation he who fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him,” (Acts 10:34-35). There are praying people on every side of the political spectrum and on each team.

Even though He shows no favoritism over one group of people or nation, and He does not favor one team over another, we give God glory through everything. And when we witness or participate in a historic game or event, we should take a step back and reflect on what we watched, giving Him worship through it all and see what lessons from it we can apply to our lives in our current life situation.

Mary was told that she would give birth to the Savior of the world even though she was a virgin. And it was explained by the angel that her cousin, Elizabeth, who was diagnosed by the doctors that she would never have children, was pregnant with the prophet who was John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus. Even though it seemed outrageous, the angel Gabriel said, “For with God, nothing will be impossible,” (Luke 1:37). Even Jesus’ disciples heard what seemed absurd and inconceivable, but He looked at them and said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

So, no matter what may be going on in your life, apply the lesson that no matter what, the impossible is possible and becomes reality. Just like we saw in the recent World Series, election and Super Bowl, anything can happen. With Christ in you, all things are possible and you can rise above all circumstances as He reigns in your life.

This article was later published on February 13, 2017 on Charisma Magazine Online here: What the Election, Super Bowl, and Luke 1 Can Teach Us About God’s Mysterious Ways

Jared Laskey is starting Destiny Open Bible Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is a contributing writer to Charisma‘s online magazine. He lives to see Jesus awaken this generation to the power of His Holy Spirit. Follow him on Twitter @jaredalaskey or visit