Dreams and God on the Front Lines

School of Prophecy
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Dreams always seemed to come naturally to me. Probably around ten or eleven years of age, I came to learn that the ones that were recurring were more than likely to happen. I sought questions from my youth pastor with no answers. And in time I saw it as a burden, trying to find the meaning to symbolic dreams for friends and family and in time of future public events.

At 17 I was attending a Christian school who began to give me the answers I sought. I saw that in the Scripture young and old alike will dream dreams and have visions. I was instructed to pray into the dreams and receive them as a gift, because once I had a dream in which I saw myself driving down the road with my brother but then a second scene unraveled where I saw someone walking into a school and begin shooting and then be wrestled to the ground.

I told the students and staff in my school about this, and one month later when my brother and I were driving to school we passed a 7Eleven where we saw large groups of teenagers and then heard sirens coming, and out of my mouth spoke, “There was a shooting at Thurston High School.” I knew that both scenes I saw simultaneously in my dream were the events while we were driving to school. When we arrived at our school we learned that Thurston did have a school shooting. Everyone in our community was affected and visited the memorial displays in front of the school. From this experience I knew I needed to pursue God more for my life and learn more about the purposes to the dreams.

It was this same year that when we were praying over a group of students who were going on a mission trip, and what seemed like out of nowhere a word dropped into me and was so heavy on my tongue that I spoke it out. My first prophecy was exhilarating and completely foreign to me, I had no grid for understanding it, yet I knew that it was God. I was then on a journey to fellowship with the Lord and grow in what He had given me.

Soon, I learned how to hear God’s voice and He began to teach me dream interpretation through the Scripture. At the age of 26, in Iraq word spread in my unit that I interpreted dreams. When Marines would come to me they would say, “I heard you interpret dreams…well I had a dream…”

I would tell them that it was not me who interpreted dreams, but God. I took Daniel’s response personally, wanting to give credit to where credit is due. And I would always give a Scripture to support the interpretation I sensed from the Holy Spirit, and I would encourage them to spend time with Jesus.

You would be amazed at how God speaks to the Marines, and all military branches, whether on deployment or in the field exercises here at home. He would speak to them through dreams as He promised He would do for all people, in Joel 2:28-32. I was never surprised but was humbled to be part of seeing God talk to those who are literally on the front lines for our nation.

In 2009 I had the privilege of watching a fellow Sergeant in my platoon be possibly the first Christian to be water baptized in the Helmand River Valley of Afghanistan in hundreds of years. Though surrounded by darkness and hatred in a combat environment, God’s Spirit is moving on people and bringing His light.

God is talking to our men and women in uniform in direct and wonderfully supernatural ways. And He has placed incredible Chaplains as well as Christians in uniform who minister in power to be part of the harvest within our military.

I would like to encourage you to pray for our sons and daughters in uniform and the challenges they face daily, and pray for the ongoing outpouring of the Spirit upon them, especially as many return from this long war and need ongoing prayer and support and healing from the invisible wounds.