Get in the Word

March 1, 2015 Jared Laskey 0

Kathy Ireland ‘was a rebellious teenager’ but she opened that Bible while in the ‘dungeon’ and found God. She learned that she needed to get […]

Friends of God

February 22, 2015 Jared Laskey 0

I Am Second Video-Doug Bender. Proverbs says, “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother”(Proverbs 18:24). God created the heavens and the earth […]

Being a Witness

July 6, 2014 Jared Laskey 0

The Holy Spirit’s job is to teach us about Jesus …to lead us into all truth …to empower us to witness …to conform our character […]

Game Night

June 30, 2014 Jared Laskey 0

This is a short video clip of one of the Ignite Game Nights where many teens came for fun but also heard and responded to […]