Brian Taylor: Victory for the People

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Victory For The People

On February 4, 2018, millions of eyes were focused on the NFL Super Bowl 52. The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles were the two teams that fought the long, embattled season to get to the big game. While many looked forward to the game with great expectancy and hope, the 2017 season was shrouded in controversy.

Many will recall how fans were protesting this season. Some were protesting the fact that Colin Kaepernick had not been picked up by a team after he opted out his contract with the San Francisco 49’ers and went free agent. Many of the players were protesting the fact that many of the players were taking a knee to show solidarity for Colin Kaepernick, who had initially begun the take a knee protest as a way to bring attention to what he believed to be social injustice towards black people by law enforcement.

The league, which had already been struggling with fan attendance, televised viewership and declining advertising dollars, saw those numbers nosedive by double digits in each category. The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles both ended the regular season with 13 out of sixteen wins and were about to have a chance to face each other again for the first time since 2005.

By now you already know that Nick Foles, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, led his team to a 41 – 33 victory, gaining redemption for the team’s 24 – 21 loss, in Super Bowl 39. Thirteen years later, the two team win the regular season with 13 wins and the script was flipped with the Eagles coming out victorious. After the game, both the head coach Doug Pederson and MVP Nick Foles boldly proclaimed that God wholly deserved the credit for their victory. I believe that God was fully speaking to the nation though this game.

Many may not realize is that there is an interesting connection between Colin Kaepernick and Nick Foles.  Colin and Nick’s name both mean the same thing; “Victory of the People.” What I believe God was showing us through this game and the season in whole is that God is about to bring victory to His people. God used Colin Kaepernick to bring attention to some undealt with racial tensions that need to be dealt with. God also used Nick Foles to remind us that this is a time where David’s are being set up to be victorious over Goliath’s.

The Philadelphia Eagles were seen as underdogs coming into the big game and right in the last six minutes of the game it seemed as though they would be defeated. Yet, the victory went to the Eagles. God is going to use underdogs, people who most would look at as incapable or the least likely to success to bring down the Goliath of the racial divide and release healing for the nation.

Recall earlier that I mentioned that thirteen years after the last Eagles vs. Patriots Super Bowl, they turned the tables on the Patriots, in a season where they both won 13 out of 16 regular season games. I understand that any many not find significance in numbers, I do not deem this to be coincidence, but a sign that God is setting the nation up for a true revolution unlike what has not been seen since the American Revolution. This won’t be one where the nation will split, as was seen during the Civil War. It will be one that will draw the nation back to Him, in love.

Brian Taylor is the proud husband of Nia Taylor and father to three wonderful children. Now residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia and with his passion for life and a firm faith in God, he seeks to use every medium available to speak destiny into the lives of others. With several books in the works dealing with marriage, the Church, Sickle Cell and love, he hopes to encourage, inspire, and uplift people everywhere. For more information you can go to his blog A Preacha’s Kid and Fireborn Ministries.

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