Brian Taylor: The Power of Your Words 2

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Last week I shared a few thoughts about the “The Power of Your Words” as they relate to the impact that they can have on the mountain of family. Today, I’d like to consider the power of your words in relation to the mountain of faith/religion.

We know that words have the ability to lift, encourage, bless, and empower people for great things. On the mountain of faith, words are what we have been given to direct our hearts, attention, and praise to God. Yet, for many, there are times when the words people use have often caused hurt or offense because of a lack of honor.

Honor is something that many people struggle with because it requires a level of humility. When we honor others with our words, we take a lower position, not because we are belittling ourselves. Instead we are raising others to a preferred status, acknowledging and giving reverence to the Creator.

It is so easy to have a high opinion about ourselves because we are often taught to have a healthy sense of self. Yet, there are times when our sense of self can conflict with our ability to express the love we should have for others when we do not focus on another in a place of honor. Speaking honorably to others lifts them up in a way that acknowledges their many years of experience.

So many have been hurt by the Church because we often do not remember to honor our neighbors as God’s creation, forgetting that the same God who saved us, is equally capable of redeeming them. We forget the same God who healed us, made us whole, matured us, and gave us hope is more than able to do this for those who’ve yet to have that God encounter.

Speaking honorably to others reminds people that no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they’ve done, there is a God who sees them, loves them, desiring the best for them. What would it look like for them to know that not only does God love and honor them, but that there people on earth who see them in the same way that God sees them?

Speaking honorably of others lets people know that you can be trusted that when they leave, it is more likely you will continue speaking highly of them. There is nothing that can do more harm than to speak dishonorably of someone. Especially talking about a person to someone who had a favorable opinion of them before they spoke with you. This can be challenging at times. I know this for a fact.

Speaking honorably of people is a great lesson that I learned from a friend and pastor in Atlanta. One day he told me he had to be careful of the things he spoke about people in the presence of others, if for no other reason than that his son was watching him. Speaking honorably of others is a way of modeling honor.

Integrity is said to be doing the right thing when no one is watching. But we know God is always watching. What greater way of showing honor to God than in honoring other people?

Now is a time you can direct people to God and a faith in Him by using your words to honor them. Words can be life to people as you allow God to reveal the good He desires for them. May you be challenged today to bring others to a greater awareness of God’s faithfulness. And to honor them through the power of your words.

QUESTION: In what ways do you see your words having an impact on the mountain of faith?

This article is part 2 of 7 in the Power of Your Words series, first published on A Preacha’s Kid Blog.

Brian Taylor was born, raised and educated in Baltimore, Maryland. As the son of a preacher in one of the largest Pentecostal denominations, Brian has had the opportunity to experience many aspects in the life of a preacher; the joys as well as the pains and sorrows. In time, Brian also followed the call of God, becoming a preacher in the same Pentecostal Fellowship.

Brian is the proud husband of Nia Taylor and father to three wonderful children. Now residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia and with his passion for life and a firm faith in God, he seeks to use every medium available to him to speak life into the lives of others. With several books in the works, dealing with marriage, the Church, Sickle Cell and love, he hopes to encourage, inspire, and uplift people everywhere.

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