Desire to Inspire

Events of 2011-2012
Brad and Angelina are truly engaged,
The Iphone 4 S was released in October 2012,
Iraq war was officially ended and Afghanistan is still raging
The Hunger Games broke most movie records,
the Youversion Bible app has had over 50 million downloads so 1 in 16 electronic devices has the Bible on it,

Who has a desire deep within them for something great-to do something beyond yourself? To join a movement or start a movement? Kony 2012 stirred millions of people to speak up against child soldiers, the IPAD started the tablet revolution, the Industrial Revolution changed child labor laws-these were movements, a cause people believed in and joined up in, and Jesus started a movement that changed the world revealing His love. IN 2000 I was part of The Call, a prayer and fasting movement, and we went to DC to pray and fast with 400,000 others praying for this nation and the schools and it was one of the most incredible experiences in my spiritual life, and we knew our prayers moved spiritual mountains!

For the senior project one part of it was to do something greater than yourself, to reach out to the community and serve. To be an inspiration to others and for others and to be inspired. Once you catch that vision you catch the desire, the desire to inspire.

Desire to Inspire others

How do you start?
Start small and grow where you are planted. I started as a 19 year old youth pastor with 2 youth, which led to more young people, more life-change, which led to a planting of a youth church community center which led to merging youth ministries, and that youth church has grown to be a food bank and counseling center reaching all ages through the week with various child and youth services as well. It started from deep inside, a desire.

Where do you start?
One of Wayne Cordeiro’s principles of success is “Learning to Listen”.
You start in the Presence of God. Listen to the voice of God, from His Word and from your time with Him. Listen and God speaks and implants that desire in you and you walk it out.

And listen to those who have been in the trenches, the bosses, the managers, the grandpas and grandmas and parents, listen to their input and succeed from the gold they have mined and given to you. Listen to your mentors, complete internships and programs of study and boot camps and job schools, and use it all to inspire others!

As graduates you had a goal, a desire to graduate, get that diploma, and now graduation is here, coming up, and you are gonna walk! All that hard work paid off, the sports, the jobs, the prayer before the test, every ounce of your being poured into that desire to graduate! And now you may be euphoric and got plans and dreams and more goals, the world is yours!!! And as you go out into the world, from listening to God and

Desire to Inspire
A man approached the President and CEO of Pepsi, John Sculley, and said,
“Now listen, do you want to make sugar coated water for the rest of your life or do you want to change the world?” After hearing those words the Pepsi CEO left his lavish job and joined a small computer company in Silicon Valley. The man that said those words was Steve Jobs, of Apple. By 2020 Pepsico’s net worth will be 20 billion….On February 29, of this year Apple was worth 500 billion, and “well on the way to be the most valuable company in the world.”

John Sculley was inspired by Steve Jobs and joined the movement, a cause beyond himself, and is part of the history of the technological revolution.

When do you start! Today and everyday!
The message you will be living in the sports you play, in the colleges/universities you go to, in your career, in the boardrooms you will attend in remember this message “God is Alive.”


By your success you inspire those younger than you, who look up to you, who want to be where you are, and looking up to you to be led by you. And it is an entryway to your dreams, aspirations, intentions. Fairborn Ministries is here for you, a text away, an email away for all stages of life.

Do you want to change the world? Desire to inspire. Desire to inspire for Jesus fame, in Jesus Name.